New infection tracking app released for tender

Smittestopp.AppenSmittestopp.Appen.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) states that 86 suppliers can submit offers to develop a new app for digital infection tracking. The supplier will be selected on October 26.

The competition process for the new app was sent out by the Norwegian Health Network (NHN) on Wednesday, FHI stated on its website.

“To ensure equal treatment and proper implementation of procurement, all communication and all questions about procurement must go via the Norwegian Health Network (NHN),” FHI noted.

According to FHI’s schedule, the choice of supplier and contract award will take place on October 26.

The app is scheduled to be launched in week 51, more specifically between December 14 and December 20.

Old app scrapped

At the end of September, the old Smittestopp app was scrapped by the government.

The app was stopped by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, which believed that its usefulness was not documented well enough.

It also banned the processing of privacy-related information in the app.

Now, the government wants to create a new app based on Apple and Google’s framework.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has given a thumbs up to the work on the new app.

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