A new Norwegian Islamic organization claims to represent more members than Islamsk Råd Norge (IRN)

Islamic Cultural Centre NorwayIslamic Cultural Centre Norway.Photo: wikimedia.org

The board of the Islamic Council represents fewer Muslims than competitors, who are considering breaking away from the organization.

According to figures from the County of Akershus and regjeringen.no, Islamic Council members’ mosques only account for 25 % of the organization’s membership, wrote Dagsavisen newspaper.

The nine newly voted in directors, for Minhaj ul Quran, Dar el Emån Trondheim, Søndre Nordstrand Muslim Center, Muslim Fellesråd Rogaland, Islamic Cultural Nordland, Minhaj Ul-Quran, Central Jam-e Mosque World Islamic Mission and Tauheed Islamic Center, together represent about 20,496 of IRN’s membership.

Basim Ghozlan, for the Islamic Association Rabita, tells the newspaper that the up to eight mosques are contemplating creating a competitor to the IRN, who will represent almost twice as many people.

‘A total of perhaps up to 40,000 members’, estimated Ghozlan.

The Islamic Council themselves say that they have around 82,000 members.
The appointment of nikab-clad Leyla Hasic as a management consultant in IRN has triggered a large conflict among its council members.

The Bosnian and Albanian mosque, with around 14,000 members in total, reported that they are leaving. In addition, the Islamic Cultural Center, Central Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat, and the Islamic Association Rabita, have begun work to withdraw their organizations.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today