New opinion poll: Erna Solberg’s Conservatives remain the most popular party in Norway

Erna SolbergPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s Conservative Party (H) continues to be the most popular political party in Norway. However, the Center Party (SP) registered 22.6% of voter support in Nationen’s and Klassekampen’s January poll, its best poll result in history. 

The survey was carried out by Norfakta on behalf of the two newspapers. 

The research institute has never before registered such a high voter approval for SP or such a low voter approval for the Labor Party (AP). It has been conducting polls since 2006. 

Election researcher Bernt Ardal at the University of Oslo told Nationen that the Labor AP’s voter loyalty continues to fall. 

In the survey, it is down to 46%. The party is losing voters to the Center Party, according to the election researcher.

AP party secretary Kjersti Stenseng says that the party must reclaim the trust of all those who are now unsure of who to vote for.

“If we are to ensure safe jobs throughout the country and small differences between people, we must get greater support,” Stenseng said.

SP’s historical result

Both Johan Giertsen of the website Poll of polls and former SP leader Anne Enger told Nationen that this was the Center Party’s best result. 

In the poll, the Conservatives (H) remain the country’s largest party with 24.3% of voter support.

The complete results of the poll are as follows (change in parentheses): Labor Party (AP): 17.5% (-3.6), Progress Party (FRP): 11.1% (-1.3), Conservatives (H): 24.3% (+1, 3), Christian Democrats (KRF): 3.4% (+0.8), Greens (MDG): 4.5% (+0.2), Red Party (Rødt): 3.1% 1(-1.0), Center Party (SP): 22.6% (+ 2.5) Socialist Left Party (SV): 8.2% (+1.1), Liberal Party (V): 2.7% (-0.2).

The Labor Party has struggled in the polls for a long time, and before Christmas, the Center Party surpassed the Labor Party in the polls for the first time.

However, the SP leader has failed to answer clearly whether he considers himself a prime ministerial candidate in a possible new government after the election.

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