New passports and ID-cards are now coming

Passport control at the Oslo airportPassport control at the Oslo airport.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The National ID-card will be coming this November, said the police. 

It has been a long road for the national ID-cards in Norway, but the police now promises that both the ID-cards and new passports will come sometime in autumn, as promised earlier this year. 

-”The work with the new passports and national ID-cards is on schedule. The new passports are in October  and ID-cards in November according to plan.”, said Kjetil Havn of the Police Directorate.

He emphasizes that they cannot completely rule out delays.

-”We cannot rule out delays since the Corona pandemic that has affected our society, can also affect the release date for the new passports and national ID-cards. We will return to this.”, he adds. 

Here it comes

Havn says that the new passports and ID cards will be rolled out throughout the country at the same time, and the process for ordering ID cards will be the same for those ordering passports. 

-”The public will be able to book an appointment at to apply for a national ID card, same way as the passport. You will be able to apply for a national ID card at all passport and ID offices in Norway.”; says Havn.

This is its cost

Initially, it was said that the production of ID cards should be cheaper than passports, but now it is clear that they will have the same price. 

-”Prices for passports and ID cards were decided at the state budget for 2020. The fee for passports was adjusted on January 1 to 570 and will be the same when launching the new passports. ID cards will have the same price as passports.”, says Havn.

But not the possibility for a discount:

-”There will be a discount for children, and for those applying for a passport and ID at the same time.” Havn explains. 

Passport prices for children are 342 kroner.

-”Even if there is a new passport, it is not necessary for those who have a valid passport to apply for a new one. Today’s passport is valid until the expiration date, and is a good and safe travel document. We recommend that those who need a new passport book an appointment as usual, and do not wait to apply until the new passport arrives.”, says Havn.

Where it applies

It is optional if you want to obtain a National ID card. It is possible to use it as a travel document and identification within the entire EEA area, so that you will only need the passport when traveling outside the EEA. 

The ID cards will in principle also work in automatic passport control, the police previously stated. 

The new ID card will also provide better security for identification, instead of the bank cards that can be used today. There is also hope that it can alleviate the problems of identity theft.

It will also be possible to issue national ID cards without the right to travel, which can be issued, for example, to minors between the ages of 13 and 18 who do not have parental consent, or to others who for various reasons do not meet the conditions for a travel document.

Minors may still have to bring a guardian to have the ID card issued so that the police can make a full assessment of whether the identity can be proven well enough. 

Source: Dagbladet / Norway Today

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