New poll: 83% of Swedes believe the country will join NATO 

Photo: AP Photo / Virginia Mayo

A large majority of Swedes believe that Sweden will become a NATO member, but the proportion has fallen somewhat in the last two weeks, a new poll shows.

83% believe that Sweden will become a NATO member, a decrease from 89% on a similar survey two weeks ago, the Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

The survey was conducted by Novus, and it also shows that the proportion of those who think it is good that Sweden submitted an application for membership remained stable at 60%.

“I think that Sweden will become a member of NATO, but I think it depends a lot on how far Turkey is prepared to go to get American fighter jets and domestic political gains,” Magnus Christiansson, associate professor at the Swedish National Defense College, stated.

He pointed out that Turkey’s opposition to Swedish membership has led to the process taking longer than the Swedes may have thought. He still believes that disagreements between Sweden and Turkey can be resolved by the NATO meeting in Madrid later this month.

“If that does not happen, I think the next opportunity is after the summer and the Swedish election,” Christiansson said.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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  1. … except it appears the Turks are going to block it.

    Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle reports a Ukrainian command bunker toward the south containing 30 officers has been wiped out by Russian Kalibr missiles.

    Were they planning the big Ukrainian southern offensive?
    Were there any foreign officers among the casualties?

    This is reminiscent of the anti-Assad command bunker in Aleppo being Kalibr-ed … some months after the murder of the well-regarded Russian chief of military intelligence Igor Segun … with 30 foreign intelligence officers – mostly Saudi but CIA, MI6, French, and Israeli as well – killed … whereupon anti-Assad forces in Aleppo collapsed.

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