New poll: The Socialist Left Party is stealing away voters from the Center Party

Audun LysbakkenPhoto: Marit Hommedal / NTB

According to a recent poll, the Socialist Left Party (SV) has 10% of voter support, while the Center Party (SP) continues to lose support. The poll also shows that there is no majority for a red-green three-party government.

In the August survey that Norstat has carried out for the newspaper Vårt Land, the SV registered an increase of 1.6% from June. The result of 10% is the SV’s best result in Vårt Land’s polls since 2005.

According to the poll, as many as 70,000 Labor Party (AP) voters have switched to SV since the last election. In addition, close to 20,000 SP voters have migrated to SV. 

The SP fell by 4.9% points to 12.6%, its worst result since January 2019. Such a result would give the SP only three more parliamentary seats than in 2017.

At the same time, the AP fell by 1.2% to 23.7%. The red-green trio consisting of the AP, SP, and SV would thus get only 82 seats, three seats shy of a majority, and would thus need support from the Red Party (Rødt) or the Greens (MDG).

Major gains for the left

Rødt got 5.4% of support, down 0.4%. But together, according to the poll, SV and Rødt would take over 28 seats in the Norwegian parliament (Storting) – a record in the number of representatives to the left of the Labor Party after the war.

The Conservatives (H) also registered a decrease in support of 3.1%, falling to 19.1%. The Progress Party (FRP), on the other hand, moved up to 11.5% (+1.9%).

The MDG registered a solid spike to 5.8% (+3%). The same applies to the Liberal Party (V), which got 4.9% (+2.3%) of voter support.

The Christian Democrats (KrF) ended up below the threshold, with 3.7% of support.

A total of 812 people participated in the survey. The margin of error is between 1.3% and 3.2%.

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