New program to clarify the identity of Iraqis in Norway

Minister of Education and Integration Jan Tore Sanner (Conservative Party).Photo:Jan Tore Sanner.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

About 1,000 Iraqis who came to Norway around the turn of the millennium have not received Norwegian citizenship because of doubt of their identity. A new program should assist that.

“These are people who have lived long in Norway, and many of them will qualify for Norwegian citizenship if their identity is clarified. It will give them the opportunity to participate in the community with full rights and duties,” says Jan Tore Sanner, Minister of Science and Integration (H).

The Iraqis from Kurdish areas were granted residential permits in Norway on a humanitarian basis despite the fact that there were doubts about their names and or date of birth. However, in order to be granted Norwegian citizenship, it is required that the identity be clarified.

UDI will now implement a program for these Iraqis. The application deadline for attending is at New Year. Participants must also fulfill the other conditions for obtaining citizenship.

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