New record in number of tropical days

OppegårdOppegård .Summer in Ingierstrand Bad. Oslo fjord: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix


Thursday was the 19th consecutive day of tropical heat in Gulsvik in Flå in Buskerud. The 63-year-old record for the number of tropical days in a row was thus beaten.


“It was measured over 31 degrees in the middle of today,” states meteorologist Jostein Mamen to P4.

Kongsberg in Buskerud had the old record from 1955. It was then 18 days in a row with tropical heat.

There are new recordings this summer. According to meteorologists, high pressure across Norway will last for ten more days to come. Several places in the country have reported temperatures above 30 degrees, which is what is considered as tropical heat.

“According to the forecasts, there may certainly be more tropical days and new records to come,” says Mamen.


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