New species of snail discovered on the Trøndelag coast

Dendronotus yrjargulDendronotus yrjargul.Photo: Viktor Vasskog Grøtan / NTB

A hobby diver discovered a completely new species of snail when he was out diving at Ørland in Fosen, Trøndelag. Now the snail has been named after the municipality.

Hobby diver and underwater photographer Kjetil Breivik Johnson had received tips from a friend about this but he wanted to examine the snail with his own eyes. Later, he had no doubt that this was a new type of slug.

“It was incredibly fun to get it confirmed. That a completely new species has actually been found”, says diver Kjetil Breivik Johnson to NRK.

The snails are about nine centimeters long and stand out from other slugs with their brown stripes along the body.

Researchers at NTNU have helped to identify the new species, which has been named Dendronotus yrjargul after Ørland municipality’s old name «Yrjar» in addition to the color yellow, which characterizes the colorful creature. 

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today


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