New summer rail network works may create delays

"Bus for Train" Railroad track Bergen railwayIllustration,Railroad track. .Photo: Pixabay

NSB asked travellers to calculate journeys in good time this summer.


The network sent out information about several planned works during the summer months.

Bane NOR will work in Lieråsen tunnel from June 23rd to August 5th, and it will be closed for rail traffic between Asker and Drammen station. On the weekend of the 28th to 29th of July, it will be closed between Oslo and Drammen.

With the exception of the 28th and 29th of July, however,the trains will run normally between Asker and Oslo.‘Spikkestadbanen’ will also run as normal.

“The work affects all local trains and regional trains that run on the route. The airport train is also affected by the work in the Lieråsen tunnel. Work is also being done on the Østfold route in the same period. We also remind you that summer route times are running,’’ NSB wrote in the information letter.

Longer time

“There are many details related to a major network deviation like this, so it is important that people seek information and find out how this affects them,” said Gina Scholz, press spokesperson at NSB to NRK news.

She asked travellers to calculate extra time for switching between trains and busses, and taking into account that busses take longer than trains (especially during peak hours).

‘’Note that busses can also have a different departure time than the train’s regular departure time.’’

On NSB’s web site you can check how the work will affect the train you are going to use.

During the period between the 7th of August to the 23rd of September,there will also be work on the Vestfold route.

“There will be work in connection with Eidangerparsellen, which will affect travellers on the Vestfold railway. Here we are still working to put in place all the details, and we promise to come back with more information about it as it approaches,” said Scholz.


Source: NRK /  #Norway Today