New survey: 1 in 8 Norwegians ready to switch political parties over fuel prices

Fuel prices August 2022Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

A new survey shows that almost one in eight voters wants to switch political parties because of the increased fuel prices.

The survey was carried out by Norstat for NAF, writes.

The governing parties, in particular, have fallen out of grace with the voters. When asked which party you would have voted for if the elections took place tomorrow, only 3.1% of respondents answered the Center Party (SP), and 14.3% picked the Labor Party (AP).

The Conservative Party (H) received 21.4% of voter support, while 18.3% of respondents say they are unsure.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "New survey: 1 in 8 Norwegians ready to switch political parties over fuel prices"

  1. I would expect this to jump by 1 every month the Ukraine war and skyrocketing of energy prices continue, so 7 months from now ….
    Arbeidspartei wants no limit on energy export and Høyre wants that plus no price control and both support continuing to support the war militarily.

    Meanwhile, Putin has stated the U.S. is at war against Russia and other Russians have stated the possibility of the war escalating into a nuclear one is back.
    I again ask readers to carefully consider my 3May22 column posted by Yahoo! both under News and Finance, “Lou Coatney: Russia now left with no option but nuclear war.”

    In his interview just yesterday, the Norwegian Military Academy’s (Krigskolens) Section Chief for Land Power Lieutenant Colonel Palle Ystebø – we’ve met and have been friendly – has stated that Kyiv/Ukraine is now going to win the war – conventionally – which with the U.S. and NATO in the war with it has always been true/expected, but he said nothing about nuclear weapons.

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