New survey: Every fourth Norwegian occasionally smuggles goods

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While almost 70% of Norwegians claim that they never smuggle anything, 27% admit that they do so occasionally.

According to an annual survey that Kantar TNS has carried out for Norwegian Customs, a clear majority of 69% of the Norwegian population stated that they never smuggled goods illegally. 

That is an increase from 66% in 2019. 

However, more than one in four Norwegians, 27%, said that they occasionally smuggle goods – but only in small amounts. 

That is slightly less than in 2019, but the figures still worry the Customs Service.

Customs: It adds up

“Even though there may be small quantities in each individual case, the total quantities that are imported illegally in Norway become very large,” Customs chief Øystein Børmer noted.

In 2019, Norwegians took almost 8 million holidays abroad.

If 25% brought 1 liter of alcohol over the limit back with them, then that amounts to 2 million liters brought to Norway illegally by petty smugglers.

Eight out of ten Norwegians believe that “most people” smuggle goods occasionally.

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