New US ambassador to Norway: Trump will not be the next president of USA

New US ambassador to Norway park TrumpOslo.US ambassador, Mr. Samuel Heins in solemn audience with King Harald Thursday morning at the castle in Oslo. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Republican Donald Trump is not going to be the next US president,  the country’s new ambassador to Norway, Sam Heins, thinks.

Heins submitted his accreditation in an audience at the Royal Palace on Thursday morning and has now officially started in his position as ambassador to Norway. Heins, who donated large sums of money to President Barack Obama campaign, agrees with Obama:
– Obama has said that the American people know being president is a very serious job, very important decisions need to be taken, it is a tough job that requires a steady hand, says Heins.
He believes the incumbent president has worked hard and shown good judgment, and points out:
– Obama believes that people will realize that this is the kind of leadership we will also need in the future . I agree with him,  Heins says.

Extreme statements
The 68-year-old lawyer, who has worked with human rights and torture victims, has little time for Trump’s move to ban Muslims or use torture in the fight against terrorism. He thinks it’s about making a getting people’s attention.
– If you’re willing to make extreme statements you will attract a lot of attention from journalists. Then you won’t need to buy attention, he says, and points out that it is difficult to get the media to covera twelve point plan against unemployment or other heavy political issues.
That Trump apparently enjoys great popularity, is largely because of the stage the presidential campaign is in right now, Heins believes. It is not the majority of the voters who attend election meetings and primaries. The picture will look very different when the great mass of center voters will have their say, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today