From New Year, all Norwegian solariums must have an enforceable age limit system in place


From 1 January, 2017, all Norwegian solariums must have a system in place to check no one under 18 uses them.

The 18-year age limit for the use of tanning beds was introduced in 2012, but until now, there has not been an effective system to check that it was being followed.

The control was supposed to come into force on 1 January, 2016, but was postponed to allow the owners of tanning salons extra time to comply with the new rules.

Salons are not allowed to offer solarium usage to persons of under 18 because excessive sun exposure, whether outdoors or in tanning studios, increases the risk of skin cancer, especially if it occurs at a young age.

From 1 January, tanning salons must have a system to check the age limit is complied with. This can happen via verifiable identification, electronic registration,bank IDs, or similar solutions.

‘The World Health Organization has stated that tanning is a carcinogen. We know that the risk of skin cancer increases, the earlier one starts tanning.

The more you use the solarium, the higher the risk becomes’, said Tone Mette Sjømoen, section chief of Norwegian Radiation (Statens strålevern) to NRK news.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today