The New Year’s baby was born in Oslo

Home birth,bornHome birth.Photo:Pixabay

Jenny Leonora Løvåsmoen came to the world nine minutes over midnight. Thus, the little girl is this year’s new year’s baby.


Jenny was born at the ABC clinic for natural birth at Ullevål Hospital, weighing in at 3,575 grams and 51 centimeters long.

“It feels very good,” says the new father, Martin Løvåsmoen, to NTB.

– “She was due December 31, so we missed it by nine minutes. I think the mother was very ready for her to be born anytime yesterday but the father was a little enthusiastic for a January 1 birth,” laughs the 29-year-old.

Midwife Tone Dyran Smith explains that she has followed the couple throughout their pregnancy and was very happy when the little child chose to be born during her shift.

“We joked about the due date and I told the they were going to have a New Year’s baby,” she told NTB.

Løvåsmoen says the labor lasted about a day before the baby finally arrived.

“Mom has worked very hard now but she has been very good throughout the day. I’m very proud of her,” he says about 27-year-old Cathrine Olsen.

Smith adds that the little girl was born after a completely natural and “perfect” birth. However, both of the new parents are uncertain of who Jenny looks most like.

“She looks like her father,” says the midwife.

Nine minutes after Jenny, a child was born in Haugesund, at 0.18.


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