New Year’s celebration for pets

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Veterinarian’s tips for New Year’s celebration for pets

For pets, sounds and lights from fireworks on New Year’s Eve can be experienced as very scary. Good preparation can make for better celebration for both two and four-legged according to veterinarian. Some of them come a bit late for this New Year’s Eve.


– We experience cases where dogs and cats try to eat or claw their way through doors, sofas and floors, and thereby bloodies themselves. Animals in a state of panic can seriously injure themselves, says President of the Norwegian Veterinary Association, Torill Moseng to TV 2.

Not all animals react to the sounds of fireworks being launched, while others are alarmed by both the sounds and lights when the last day of the year is celebrated. To make the day a little less stressful, Moseng has several advices to owners. A good starting point is to behave as normally as possible, with a walk earlier in the day and feeding as usual. Also when the noise is at its peak, it is important to behave normally.

– If we do as we do with children, and comfort it very much, a dog believes that the boss is afraid and that the situation is dangerous. That is probably the biggest mistake made by owners, says Moseng.

There are several preventive programs that help pets getting used to scary sounds, as well as there are medication that can be used to calm the pets down. In the latter case it is important to consult a veterinarian first. No matter how you solve the situation, it is important not to let pets alone when the clock nears midnight.

In Oslo, dogs can celebrate New Year’s Eve in a parking garage guaranteed free of fireworks, writes Aftenposten. There the owners can drive into the parking garage with the dogs, where volunteer helpers make sure the animals are doing well.


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