New Zealand asked Norway for help after Christchurch terror attack

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In April, New Zealand asked for Norwegian help after the terrorist attacks in Christchurch, including how to deal with right-wing extremists. The inquiry is still unanswered.

In early April, New Zealand’s ambassador contacted the Norwegian
Ministry of Justice and Emergency Planning and asked for help according to ABC News.

51 people were killed and nearly as many injured in the shooting
attack on two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand on March 15.

In a 74-page-long manifesto published on social media before the shooting, it was stated that the terrorist-suspect and killer, Brenton Tarrant (28) was inspired by other right-wing extremists, among them Anders Behring Breivik.

New Zealand’s ambassador asked, among other things, that Norwegian experts visit the country to share experiences for dealing with right-wing extremists, intelligence methods, legislation, and assessments of freedom of expression, hate speech, and racism from a police perspective.

On April 5, the Ministry of Justice forwarded the request to the Norwegian Police Directorate (POD), which was to assess whether they could assist, but at the same time stated that “costs for a possible stay in New Zealand must be covered within the budget”.

Then the inquiry has been left unanswered.

For over a week, ABC News has requested an answer as to what POD will do with the inquiry.

‘’The case is not settled and is under consideration. We aim to answer it within a week’s time’’ said section head, Kristin Elnæs of the POD police department.

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