Near accidents with drones doubled last year

Next accidents with drones doubled last yearDrones.Photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson).Wikimedia

Last year, airplanes from Norwegian airlines were involved in 27 incidents and accidents with drones. The number has never been so high.
During 2015 there  as many events as the previous four years combined were reported, TV channel NRK reports.
It is five years since the CAA started the registration of drone accidents.
– 2015 was a peak year with 27 accidents and incidents in Norway. For us it is no surprise that this is a growing problem,  senior engineer Eirik Svare in the analysis department of the CAA says.
In 16 of the 27 incidents the drones came into direct conflict with manned aircraft. The events revolves around conflicts with manned airplanes on the way in and out of airports, and with smaller planes and helicopters.
– Some of the events are near passages with considerable damage potential, says Respond.
The most serious incident last year occurred when a drone collided with a small plane over Hvasser Tjome in late August last year. The accident did not have any serious consequences apart from some physical damage to the aircraft. It is still unclear who controlled the drone.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today