Nice autumn weather in Northern Norway coming to an end – clouds and cold ahead

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Temperatures are falling across Norway. 

A “yellow” warning has been issued for snow and slippery roads in Southern Norway.  Precipitation can turn to snow over 800 to 1000 meters.

“Those going to the cabin this weekend or driving over the mountains have to be observant – especially since the winter tire season has not begun. 

“People must drive according to the (weather) conditions and use the right tires when they go over the mountain passes,” state meteorologist Rannveig Eikill at the Meteorological Institute warned.

The weather in Southern Norway will otherwise be characterized by rain and clouds, especially during the first part of Friday.

“It will get brighter on Saturday, and there will be clear weather in several places towards Sunday. It could also get cold, and night frost might appear in some places,” she said.

End of nice weather in the north

The nice autumn weather in Northern Norway, with many pleasant days of sunshine, is over.

“On Saturday, there will be onshore winds. There will not be much wind, but it will draw in more clouds and a little more rain both on Saturday and Sunday,” Eikill noted.

The weather has been quite hot for October throughout the country. 

Temperatures will gradually drop over the weekend and towards the start of next week.

“There will be more of what one would call normal temperatures… The temperatures will drop below ten degrees during the weekend”, she said.

Closer to traditional autumn weather

Trøndelag will also get cloudy weather and rain showers on Saturday. 

However, glimpses of sunshine are expected on Sunday and at the beginning of next week.

Norway has been experiencing varying weather across the country in recent weeks. 

There was a pleasant start to October in the north, while the south was wet and gray.

“Now we are entering a time of more normal autumn weather, but so far, there are no major autumn storms in sight,” she concluded.

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