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Nice winter weather throughout the country, except in southern Norway


There will be a lot of sunshine, it will be cold with no rainfall in Western Norway, or in Trøndelag for several days to come. Northern Norway also has many days of cold winter weather to look forward to.


In Nordland, there will be some clouds in the next few days, but at the weekend it will clear and there’ll be a lot of sun and low temperatures.

“It’s getting very cold in inner areas, at the coast in Bodø it will be around minus 5 degrees” stated meteorologist, Kristian Gislefoss.

In Troms and Finnmark, there is cloud and rain on the coast. Further on, there’ll be slush and rain, which in the worst case will freeze on the ground.

‘’Then it will clear up. It will be nice weather this weekend in Finnmark and Troms with low temperatures. In Tromsø, minus 4 degrees is expected, in

Karasjok it may be as low as minus 30, the weather forecaster alerted.

The nice weather will last for the whole period of time.

Cool and nice

Vestlandet and Trøndelag can also look forward to good days. There will be a lot of sunshine, maybe with some clouds in between.

In Trøndelag, maybe minus 20 degrees is expected in Røros just before the weekend, and in Trondheim, around minus 8 was announced.

“I see that in many places, minus two-digits are expected. So dress up and keep warm” said the meteorologist.

In Western Norway, there is also beautiful winter weather on the way. Here it will be the eastern vein. It means shelter from the rain, a lot of sunshine, but gradually more cloudy by the weekend. Due to clear weather, there are
also minus degrees expected in many places.


Sørlandet and Eastern Norway are probably the most boring places in the future. There will be clouds over the weekend, and a little light snow could sprinkle, but there will be no large amounts. The temperature will be around minus 5 degrees.

‘’In southern Norway, in the coastal areas, there is a possibility that rainfall will arrive on Sunday.

Long-term prospects are uncertain for southern Norway.


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