Nine out of ten are against tightening of abortion law

Photo: NTB scanpix / Teigen, Trond Reidar

An overwhelming majority want to keep today’s abortion law as it is.Only 5% would tighten access to abortion in the case of severe illness.


76% say they want to leave the law as it is today,while 11% believe that the possibility of taking abortion in the case of serious illness should be expanded according to a survey Ipsos has done for Dagbladet newspaper.

“The numbers are very clear.The Norwegian people do not want to tighten the abortion act. The message to Erna Solberg must be heard. Let this lie, do not implement tightening of the abortion Act” said parliamentary commissioner, Kari Elisabeth Kaski.

Solberg received the same signal from her own voters.Only 2% of them would tighten the law, while 82% would keep it as it is. 9% said they are for further liberalisation.

It is not good for Kristelig Folkeparti’s (KrF’s) wish for an amendment to the abortion Act section 2c regarding the possibility of abortion if a serious disease has been detected in the foetus. If Høyre is to meet KrF, then the party must agree on its own.

Only among KrF voters is the majority for tightening,and even then there is only a small majority. 52% would tighten,while 41% do not want to change today’s law.


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