Nine people died in traffic in August

traffic accidentsIllustration.Traffic accidents.Photo: Norway Today Media

Nine people died in traffic accidents in August, according to Trygg Trafikk. A total of 69 people have lost their lives in traffic so far this year, four more than in the same period last year.

A total of 27 people have died on the roads during the three summer months.

Among them 14 on motorbikes, nine were car drivers, three car passengers and one on a bicycle.

“Although there has been a large increase in the number of motorbikes sold in the last ten years, motorbikes are still a vehicle that represents only a fraction of the total, and therefore there is no reason why motorbikes are so clearly represented in fatal accidents,” says Tori Grytli, head of professionalism at Trygg Trafikk.

She adds that motorbike riders are very vulnerable when there is something unexpected in traffic.

Three people were killed in Nordland in August, two in Vestland and Rogaland, and one in Viken and Innlandet.

Viken is the county with the most traffic deaths so far this year. Sixteen people have died in the new big county, while eleven people have lost their lives in Vestfold and Telemark. For both counties, this is an increase over last year.

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