Nine of ten Norwegians positive to aid


In a recent survey, 87 percent of Norwegians respond that they are positive to give assistance and aid to Asia, Africa and Latin America. Never before have so many supported this type of help.


This is the first time that Statistics Norway (SSB) examined the Norwegian people’s attitude towards assistance and aid since 1972. Then 72 percent of the population were for assistance. This has increased by 15 percentage points, and the last result is also higher than at the previous survey in 2013, writes Vårt Land.

Last year we spent NOK 34 billion in aid and assistance. Which is 1 percent of the Norwegian government’s revenue and about as much as the people spend on the two most intense days of Christmas shopping.

The support is somewhat higher among those under the age of 45 and the highest among those with higher education. Here its believed that we must continue to give at least as much as we do today. Only half of those with elementary education believe the same.

Among the left-wing voters they support this 100 percent for aid and assistance, and 90 percent of the voters of the Right, KrF, Ap and SV, support aid and assistance to Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Sp-voters are just behind at 89 percent, while the Frp voters are the most skeptical but they are almost three-thirds, with 63 percent who support this assistance.

In the SSB report that came out last week, on the other hand, far fewer support aid to countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. With only 64 percent saying that they support assistance to these countries.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today