Nittedal’s mayor Hilde Thorkildsen charged with gross corruption

Hilde ThorkildsenPhoto: Paul Kleiven / NTB

The National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime in Norway (Økokrim) accused Nittedal’s mayor Hilde Thorkildsen (AP) of gross corruption in connection with a construction project in Hakadal.

According to the indictment, the mayor of Nittedal was involved in the municipality’s processing of cases where a business owner had interests and ownership, including regulating and developing a new residential area in Bjørnholtlia in Hakadal, Økokrim wrote in a press release.

The indictment is further based on the fact that the business owner has arranged for the transfer of NOK 125,000 to a company partly owned by the mayor.

“Økokrim believes the money transfer was incompatible with the mayoral position,” Attorney General Esben Kyhring, the prosecutor in the case, noted.

“See you in court”

According to the indictment, the financial connection between the businessman and the mayor was also in breach of ethical guidelines for employees and elected representatives in Nittedal municipality. 

The charges against the mayor of Nittedal became known this summer. 

Charges have been dropped for three other persons who have also been charged in the case. 

Hilde Thorkildsen told newspaper Romerikes Blad that she takes the charges seriously.

“Now I’m going to court to defend myself. ‘See you in court,’ is that not what you say? 

“I have not done anything wrong, and I will stand by it. I have no secrets and live a completely normal life…” she said.

Surprised by the indictment

Hilde Thorkildsen’s defense counsel, lawyer Geir Lippestad, told news bureau NTB that Thorkildsen was surprised by the indictment.

“She is very clear that she has not done anything wrong, and she has cooperated with the police all the time,” Lippestad said.

“It is tough for a human being to stand in such a case. But she is looking forward to having her case clarified in a court of law,” he noted.

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