No breakthrough in murder at Majorstuen

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No breakthrough in murder at Majorstuen in Oslo

The police are working intensively to solve the murder at Majorstuen in central Oslo, but on Wednesday night there was still no breakthrough.


No person is currently arrested, suspected or indicted after a 24-years-old man was found killed with a knife in an apartment at Majorstuen in Oslo on Monday. But the police have received a large number of tips and information and state on Wednesday night that new and interesting tips are coming in.

– There will always be very much information to analyse in the early stages of an investigation. We are constantly getting new information and what I can say is that the case is constantly evolving, says the head of the joint unit for intelligence and investigation in the Oslo Police District, Grete Lien Metlid, to NTB.

– There is work on many levels now, and there is a lot of activity, around the clock with just a few hours of rest for those involved. We have many parallel lines of investigation that we hope can bring results, she continues.

Autopsy report

The police received the preliminary autopsy report on Tuesday afternoon.

– We do not wish to provide any details regarding the investigation. This as there are no detainees yet. There is information that the perpetrator(s) will be confronted with when located. This is also our chance to verify whether the information flowing to the police is correct. But it certainly says something about the severity of this case, according to Metlid.

She does not wish to delve into whether the report provides an estimated time of death.

Ask for more tips

The police encourage the public to continue submitting all the pertinent tips they may possess.

– You can also submit photos or the like from the actual surroundings. This can help us move on in this case. What’s important now is to secure the evidence before they are lost, she rounds off.

Information, photos or videos can be sent to the tips page which is set up or call the police.

The robbery at knife-point in the garage in Essendrops gate (street) close by is still considered as part of the investigation. The police officer does not want to answer if the mobile phone and leather pouch that was stolen during the robbery is located.

Four buddies

The murdered 24-years-old, who originates from Mysen in Østfold, was found by one of the three buddies he shared the apartment on the 1st floor of Arbos gate with.

Two of them left the apartment at 7.50 am. One of them returned and found the deceased man in the apartment and notified the police at 12.15 pm. The third person had left the apartment earlier than the other two.

– We have no observation of the deceased after they settled down for the night in the early hours of Monday. So we can not say anything more about his movements now, but basically, two men leave the apartment while the last inhabitant is not present at all. In that case, only the victim is present in the apartment, even though we have no verified observation of him in the morning, Metlid explains.

She has previously stressed that none of the three comrades is suspects.

Horrible for the family

The family of the murdered 24-years-old has chosen Peder Morset as their support attorney and he states that the family is having a very hard time.

– I have talked to the family today and they are terribly hard hit at the moment. They’ve lost a son, which is one of the worst things that you can experience. They are together and comfort each other in this difficult time, Morset tells NTB.

He does not want to comment on any motives in the case or if the victim had any beef with anyone before the murder.


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