No explosion hazard in Åkrafjord tunnel in Hordaland

TunnelIllustration, Tunnel. Photo:Norway Today Media

Road Administration: No explosion hazard in Åkrafjord tunnel in Hordaland

A car with a trailer loaded with explosives has overturned in the Åkrafjord Tunnel in Hordaland. There is no danger of explosion, says the Road Traffic Management Centre.


It was at first reported that a truck that is probably loaded with explosives, has overturned in Åkrafjord Tunnel in Etne in Hordaland.

Traffic Operator Marius Råve at the West Road Traffic Center says to NTB that the latest reports indicate that there is a car with a trailer that has overturned. The trailer has explosives as part of its load, but there is no risk of explosion, according to Råve.

The Åkrafjord tunnel on the E134 is closed between Sævareid and Teigland due to the accident, reports the Norwegian Road Administration on Twitter. Råve says it does not seem as if there will be a zone evacuation, and the situation is downgraded slightly since the first reports of the accident. It’s not clear what happened, but Rave says the trailer might have moved sideways.

The Head of Operations in the police informs NRK that it is involves a van with a trailer. They say it is safe for emergency services to get into the tunnel. The tunnel will be closed for quite some time.

The event has now been downgraded to an ordinary car accident.


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