No new signs of life from Anne-Elisabeth Hagen

police inspector and investigator,Tommy BrøskePolice inspector and investigator,Tommy Brøske.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

The police have not received any new evidence that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen (69) is alive after they asked the alleged kidnappers about a week ago for signs of life.

This was confirmed by police inspector and investigator,Tommy Brøske,to Aftenposten newspaper. He also said that the police have not had any new contact with the kidnappers since the previous press conference on the 28th of February.

At the press conference last Thursday, Brøske expressed concern about the lack of signs of life from Hagen, saying police are questioning whether she is alive.

‘’It has gone even further since the last press conference that we have more reason to doubt that Anne-Elisabeth is alive and asked for proof.The time that has passed since worries us.I have no further statements’’ said the police inspector to Aftenposten.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was last seen on October the 31st last year.After that, there has been no evidence that she is alive.Nor has there been any new contacts with her kidnappers after Monday, February the 11th,when the perpetrators used a new way of communicating.

The police had previously confirmed that there have been both threats and demands for ransom in the form of cryptocurrency in the abduction case.

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