No one under 24 years in intensive care units

Korona Testing at Bergen Medical CenterBergen.Korona Testing at Bergen Medical Center : Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

45 people have been admitted to intensive care due to the coronavirus. The average age is 61 years and there is nobody below 24 years in the intensive care units.

A large preponderance of the intensive care units is men – as much as 78 percent, said the National Institute of Public Health’s Frode Forland, the director of Human Health, at Monday’s press conference.

38 of those admitted to the intensive care unit are all still admitted.

– We must expect an increase in these figures, says Forland.

2,371 people in Norway have been confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus. 240 of the cases of infection have been reported during the last day, reports the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).

That is the highest number of newly infected in one day so far, according to FHI’s daily report. The daily report includes all new confirmed cases reported up to 24 hours the day before.

1,117 people have been infected in Norway, 954 cases have been infected abroad, and for 300, the place of infection is currently unclear.

A total of 61,251 people have been tested for the Coronavirus in Norway. Ten people have died so far. Earlier on Monday, the Directorate of Health stated that 190 corona-infected patients were admitted to hospitals.

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