No from Parliament to tightening the abortion law


A proposal from the Centre Party and Christian Democrats about the tightening of access to fetal reduction and our abortion law has been  rejected by the Parliamentary Health committee.

Earlier this year the Legal Department at the Ministry of Justice concluded that our abortion law allows for fetal reduction of one or more healthy fetuses.

The law does not mention this specifically, but the interpretation stated that there was no obstacle to such intervention.

Foster Reduction means that women who are pregnant with healthy  twins , can one of the fetuses aborted.

When the abortion law was introduced in 1975 this was not a medical possibility, something that it is now.

This got Sps Kjersti Toppe and KrF Olaug Bollestad to promote a representative proposals in Parliament to amend the law on abortion,where it is emphasized that fetal reduction is not allowed.

Now the Parlimantary Health committee has rejected the proposal, reports the newspaper Vårt Land.

A majority consisting of Labour, the Conservative Party, Progress Party and the Liberal Party believes that “the Law Department has interpreted the law and concluded that it allows for fetal reduction of healthy fetuses.

Up until week 12 this concerns the woman’s right to abortion. ”

A majority admits that the issue of fetal reduction is an “ethically difficult issue” and stressed that fetal reduction to date has been carried out to a very limited extent in Norway.

In Sweden and Denmark fetal reduction is in general not legal, but foreign women can carry out such operations in Norwegian hospitals if they pay for it themselves.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today