No strike at Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Passenger record cycling world championship customsOslo Airport Gardermoen in Ullensaker Municipality. Photo: Norway Today Media

There will be no strike as agreement has been reached in negotiations between NHO Service and Parat. Oslo Airport will therefore remain open as usual, although there may be some minor delays in air traffic.

“As there will be no strike, we will remain open as usual, but there could be some minor delays as a consequence of the uncertain situation we have had leading up to the potential strike,” says head of communications Joachim Westher Andersen at Oslo Airport.

Until the parties reached agreement, the potential scenario could have been a closure of Oslo Airport for all departing passengers effective from 06.00 hours Friday morning.

“With the very significant capacity reduction that could have occurred, the departures hall would quickly have filled up, leading to major security challenges. This would have been an unacceptable risk,” Andersen explains.

Working to return to normal operations

Staffing in the security check will immediately be maintained at the planned level in order to handle the traffic volume expected over the course of the day on Friday.

“Many travellers have shown up at the airport much earlier than normal to make sure they could get through the security check before 06.00. That means there are more travellers here than expected,” says Andersen.

Stay in touch with your airline

Travellers are asked to stay aware of any changes notified by the airline they are travelling with.

“The airlines will communicate directly with individual passengers regarding potential changes in specific flights,” Andersen concludes.

So far, Friday, 10 June is shaping up to be the second busiest day of the summer, with more than 90,000 people travelling to or from the airport. 42,000 of them will be passing through the security check.


Source: Avinor / Norway Today