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No suspects in kidnapping of Mandal’s mayor

Alf Erik AndersenMandal's mayor Alf Erik Andersen(Progress Party).Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Belgian police still have no suspects after Mandal’s mayor,Alf Erik Andersen, was kidnapped on an open street during an attempted robbery in Brussels.


Andersen has explained that he was kidnapped and thrown into a car,then driven to an ATM where he was threatened with a knife on Monday night. The three kidnappers wanted the Norwegian to withdraw money, but Andersen managed to break free of the situation.

“We are struggling with this case because we do not know exactly where the Norwegian and his kidnappers were,” spokeswoman,Ilse Van de Keere, of Brussels police told Fædrelandsvennen newspaper.

The police are continuing to retrieve video material in the area.

The mayor had been in the pub together with Sirdal mayor,Thor Jørgen Tjørhom, when the kidnapping occurred, but the two have not been able to find out which pub they were at.

Van de Keere told Fædrelandsvennen that she is not aware of whether the police have checked out the electronic tracks that could answer which minibank Andersen had taken money from.

She also said that they take the incident seriously, but would not answer how many investigators they have put on it.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today

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