Nobel Institute report what they believe is a fake nomination of Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

President Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

In the Nobel Institute’s list of nominees for this year’s peace prize, there is probably a fake nomination for USA’s President Donald Trump.


The police are investigating the case, reported NRK news.

The deadline for nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize is always January the 31st, but members of the Nobel Committee can add candidates at the first meeting of the year. That meeting was held on Monday, 26th of February.

The Nobel Institute immediately suspected the nomination of the US president, and believed it may be fake.

‘’We never comment on valid nominations, it would be in violation of our statutes. But when you first ask about the nomination of the US President, I can say that we have good reasons to believe that this is a fake nomination,” said Nobel Institute Director, Olav Njølstad, to NRK news.

First time

Asked if he could confirm the content of the case and say what is in the “fake nomination”, Njølstad wrote the following in a text to NTB news:

‘’The information is correct. We do not want to provide further comments before the matter has been investigated. We are not aware that something similar has happened before, except that the same fake probably took place last year, too,” said the secretary of the Nobel Committee.

“Peace through strength”

The Institute for Peace Research (PRIO) confirmed in January that the US President, Donald Trump, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“I can not say anything about who is behind the nomination. It’s confidential. I can reveal that it’s an American,” said PRIO director, Henrik Urdal, to Nettavisen

The reason last year was that Trump had to be recognised for his ‘peace through strength’ ideology.

Four former US presidents have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize: Barack Obama, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter. Barack Obama finished his presidency having achieved ten times as many drone bombings as that of the previous president, George W Bush, according to the Association of Investigative Journalists.

Last year, 318 people and organizations were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


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