The Nordbytunnel will be closed in both directions until the weekend

Queues on the motorways around Oslo. Photo Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

The Nordbytunnel will closed the entire week, before it reopens next Monday. Long queues are expected on the bypass routes.


‘With Christmas trading beginning this weekend, we expect long queues on 156 Nessetveien’, said project manager, Thomas Kalleberg.

The Vegvesenet recommended that anyone who has the opportunity should drive on the E18 to Elvestad, and on to Son when they are heading south, and the opposite when they head north to Oslo.

The local roads in Ås Municipality are also strongly affected by the closure, and the Vegvesen warned especially of queues on county road 152 from Drøbak and Kongeveien.

‘There is extensive work of cleanup, remarking, signage and testing that must be carried out before the tunnel can be opened to normal traffic on Monday 4 December. But if we get ready before then, we’ll open it before’, said Kalleberg.

Vinterbrosenteret is among those places directly affected by the situation. Due to the queues, far fewer customers than normal have reached the centre, according to Akershus Amtstidende newspaper.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today