Nordic countries with a joint climate declaration

joint climate declarationJoint climate declaration, Photo: Pixabay

Joint climate declaration

The Nordic environment and climate ministers adopted a new joint climate declaration at their meeting in Oslo on Tuesday. At the top of the agenda there was siphoning of the sea for plastics.



The Nordic ministers gave a joint statement on climate, which among other things refers to the alarming warming of the Arctic and the need for the world to do more to meet the goals of the Paris agreement, the government reports.

The Nordic countries also agreed to strengthen their efforts to prevent marine pollution and environmentally harmful use of plastics.

In a separate program they will prevent plastic waste, increase recycling, reduce the use of plastic disposables and assess measures at the Nordic level against plastic waste along the Nordic coast.

– Plastic pollution is one of the world’s fastest growing environmental problems. The Nordic countries, like all other countries, rely on a clean and rich sea. The sea was at the top of the agenda today, Climate and Environmental minister Vidar Helgesen (Conservatives), said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today