NorSIS asks Norwegians to drop 1234 as password

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Worldwide, over 10 billion passwords and usernames have been stolen. NorSIS encourages Norwegians to check if their passwords are lost.

It is the ‘ Have I Been Pwned’ service that has registered that more than 10 billion usernames and passwords may be lost. The public can check here if the password they have has been stolen.

Before the summer holidays, for example, there was a security breach at the food service company Foodora where information about 600,000 customers went astray.

– This type of giant data breach unfortunately happens very often. We strongly recommend checking if your login details may be among those who have gone astray. This type of information is often sold on to criminals for further abuse, or to private individuals who buy logins to online services such as Netflix for cheap money, says senior adviser Vidar Sandland in the Norwegian Center for Information Security (NorSIS).

– He specifically warns against passwords you use on a daily basis. If there is a breach, criminals can gain access to large parts of people’s digital lives. The most common passwords are often combinations of 123456 and the like. This is a password you must steer clear of, says Sandland.

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  1. I had a Twitter account but used it once or twice.

    I came back to it a year or so later, and everything was in ARABIC (I think). 😮

    I cancelled the account. 🙂

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