NorSIS warns against online Christmas fraud – here’s how to avoid it

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The new corona measures and the increased risk of cyber fraud mean that there is extra good reason to be vigilant against computer criminals, the Norwegian Center for Information Security (NorSIS) warns.

In the coming weeks, NorSIS fears that there will be an increase in vaccine fraud attempts and more email and SMS fraud.

Not only in the workplace but also at home, a new, uncertain situation makes it likely that criminals will use Christmas to try and defraud Norwegians, NorSIS CEO Lars-Henrik Gundersen warns.

“It is precisely when the world is perceived as insecure and different that criminals strike. Therefore, there is every reason to ask Norwegians to be extra aware of this risk in the coming weeks,” he said.

Highlights e-commerce as a risk factor

NorSIS points to examples such as fake text messages to retrieve packages in the mail, Helsenorge’s recent warning about fake emails from them, and the National Communication Authority’s warning against a massive computer attack on Norwegians’ mobile phones.

Due to the corona measures, the ongoing Christmas shopping has taken place online to a greater extent. It has also opened up new opportunities for criminals.

Five tips

Here are the tips from NorSIS to avoid being scammed:

* Be alert when it comes to inquiries by email, SMS, or phone that play on trust, fear, or temptation.

* Attempted fraud is often characterized by people asking you to do something and claiming it is urgent.

* Be careful not to provide card information and personal information in exchange for anything else.

* No serious businesses where you have an account or login will send you a link and ask you to click on it to access your profile.

* If you suspect that the email you received is fake, check whether the sender’s address is spelled correctly. Also, check any links by holding the mouse pointer over them.

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