North Americans march against Islamic Sharia law

USMembers of a counter-protest group against anti-Shariah protesters march on a street in Harrisburg, Pa., Saturday, June 10, 2017. Demonstrators at small but raucous gatherings around the country Saturday raised the specter that extremist interpretations of Islamic law might somehow spread across the U.S., but many of the rallies drew even more boisterous counter-protests by people who called such fears unfounded. (Sean Simmers/ via AP)

In more than 20 cities in the USA, people took to the streets to protest against Islamic Sharia laws on Saturday, but were met by equally many counter-protesters.

The marches were organized by the ACT for America organization, which describes itself as ‘the NRA of national security’, and aims to combat terrorism, and promote national security.
They protested against Sharia laws, which they argue are incompatible with Western democracy, and individual rights. During some of the marches, groups considered to be on the extreme right wing fringe, such as Oath Keepers, and Three Percenters, provided a guard.
The demonstrations were held at a time when Muslims in the USA are reporting increased attacks against them, and greater negative treatment than before.
Among other things, several mosques have been exposed to arson attacks, and vandalism, women who wear a hijab are more often harassed, while Muslim schoolchildren are experiencing increased bullying, according to reports.

Many independent commentators, including so called‘alternative news’ sources on the internet, have claimed that this has as much to do with ‘hoax’, or ‘false flag’ terrorist attacks organised by the USA’s and European governments as it does to do with Sharia law.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today