North Korea declares war against McCain

Kim Jong UnNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un.(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)

The Authorities in North Korea are infuriated after John McCain dubbed Kim Jong-Un as ‘crazy, fat child.’

Senator McCain, who was Republican presidential candidate of 2008, was discussing China and North Korea on MSNBC last week.

He there placed much of the responsibility on China, which he believes can bring an end to the threats and nuclear tests in North Korea.

– China is the only one who can control Kim Jong-Un, this crazy, fat child that controls North Korea. They could halt the economy of North Korea in a week, he said.

McCain also compared North Korea’s leader to one of history’s worst dictators

– He is not rational. We are not even talking about a person like Josef Stalin, who had certain logic to his brutality, McCain, said.

– A declaration of war

Reactions from North Korea came forthwith.

– John McCain and Ted Cruz have arrived at a provocation that is tantamount to a declaration of war against North Korea, the state-run news agency KCNA writes.

Cruz gets his upcomance for coming up with a bill that stamps North Korea as a sponsor of terrorism, which is comparable to ‘throwing mud at the sovereign leadership’, According to KCNA

They continue by writing that it will be too late to regret when they get to experience the ‘catastrophic consequences’ and calls the United States the dark nemesis behind all terrorists in the world.

– It is a farce that would even make a cat laugh. (…) Revolutionary forces will defend his leadership by handing out relentless sledgehammer blows against those who dare to harm the dignity of the leadership, like a puppy who does not know fear of the tiger, the rant continues.

McCain treats the threats with contempt, and tweets “What would they want me to call him – a crazy, thin kid?”


Source: / Norway Today