North wind and low temperatures expected in Norway next week

Winter weatherPhoto: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Despite mild weather this week, the spring weather has not yet taken a firm grip on the country.

“Next week, the whole of Norway will experience a period of significantly colder air,” state meteorologist Rafael Escobar Løvdahl told NTB.

Over the weekend, low temperatures in the north of the country will gradually move south. 

Mild weekend in the south

The weather in Norway will vary on Thursday. Northern Norway will get low temperatures and precipitation, while Southern Norway is likely to have mild weather. The temperature will rise to 15 degrees in some places in Southern and Eastern Norway.

On Thursday evening, the cold air will begin to move south.

“When we come to the weekend, there will be a low pressure moving toward Northern Norway – from Nordland and down to Møre… There will be precipitation, strong winds, sleet, and snow,” the state meteorologist added.

In Northwestern Norway and Northern Norway, there will occasionally be some snow showers, primarily in areas located over 1,000 meters above sea level.

It will take some time before the cool air comes down to the south and east of Norway, which will have mild temperatures throughout the weekend.

“It will probably be sunny. If you live in the south and east of Norway, there will not be much change,” Løvdahl said about the weekend weather.

After the weekend, those who live furthest south will also experience weather changes. The forecasts show that temperatures will drop around ten degrees from Monday. Then the temperatures will eventually end up at around five degrees in the afternoon.

The wind will also pick up and further lower the perceived temperature. However, the southern and eastern areas will avoid precipitation.

Snow in the mountains

Easter is approaching, but there is less snow than usual in the mountain areas in Eastern Norway compared to the normal for the last 30 years. In many mountain areas, the amount of snow is around 60% of what is considered normal, according to

Løvdahl says that the low temperatures will prevent the snow from melting for Easter.

“We expect lower temperatures next week.” 

The weather in the week before Easter is still difficult to predict, so Løvdahl can not guarantee good skiing weather in the mountains.

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