Norway will receive 218 Syrians a month

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The next four months  Norway will receive 218 Syrians a month, according to a preliminary EU memorandum on the distribution of the Syrian refugees that will be brough from Turkey.

This means that Norway will be the country that will accept the largest number of Syrians, according to the memorandum that the German news agency DPA have gotten hold of.

The EU Ministers of Interior were assembled on Thursday  to review the agreement with Turkey giving the EU an opportunity to return refugees and migrants arriving by sea to Greece, upon bringing one Syrian refugee to their countries for every Syrian who are returned. The agreement applies up to 72,000 refugees.
The next four months  a total of 4,488 Syrians will be brought to EU countries and other countries who have entered into an agreement with EU on this, according to the preliminary allocation plan. Of those Syrians, Norway will accept 218 a month, while France will get 148 a month, Italy 118 and Germany 100.
The Department of Justice could not confirm these numbers to the news agency NTB on Thursday night,


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Goddamhoare | 22. April 2016 at 12:39 |

    From an Australian. Finally a european country (not being insulting to Norwegians) That is presenting a responsible attitude to the considerable task of assimilating refugees into a new country. Australia is a land of immigrants and it takes time and care to maintain social cohesion and allow these people to feel at home. How Mufti Merkel ever thought that Germany could absorb 800,000 plus in 1 year is beyond reckoning. You will just end up with Belgium only * 10 with unsustainable migration.

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