Norway and Great Britain prepare for joint “cod war” against EU

Coast guardPhoto: Erik Johansen / NTB

The Norwegian Navy confirms that they have increased the presence of coastguard vessels in the North Sea in anticipation of Brexit.

On Friday, the government announced that fishing boats from lands without a valid fishing agreement with Norway would be banned from Norwegian territorial waters from New Year.

Norway and the United Kingdom may finalize a joint new fisheries agreement already in the New Year, the newspaper Nationen writes.

That means that the Coast Guard is first and foremost prepared to chase out the EU fishing fleet out of Norwegian fishing zones.

Increased presence

The new head of the Coast Guard, Commander Oliver Berdal, says that the Coast Guard has increased its presence in the North Sea and is monitoring the situation. 

It wants to be ready in the event of an escalation.

“We are prepared to deploy more vessels in the North Sea if necessary. But so far, we have no indications that this will be necessary immediately,” Berdal said.

He emphasized that he experiences the relations between Norway and the United Kingdom as clarified and that access to Norwegian economic zones at the turn of the year is primarily aimed at the EU fishing fleet.

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  1. As long as the alliance isn’t against Iceland too, I am for this, although England has done a lot of evil in recent decades … and seems to be the country most eager for a (nuclear) war against Russia … up here.

  2. Scotland and Norway have been friends for over 1,000yrs, especially during World War II. Many Scots can claim Norwegian ancestry and here in Caithness, many of our local place names are of Nordic origin. I would like to think that we can work together in peace and harmony in the future despite what Westminster may say or do.

  3. Paul, after I got over here, I discovered I have ancestors from the Shetlands/Zetland – a big Viking hangout – and so am part Scandihoovian, after all. 🙂 (And the Shetlands were once Norwegian.) My ancestor William Jack was mathematics dean down at King’s University Aberdeen.

    You might be interested that I have a 2000 article on Siol nan Gaidheal org titled “Clinton’s (and Blair’s) Kosovo War Crime,” but from what I’ve learned since then I’d title it “Blair’s (and Clinton’s) Kosovo War Crime.”

    After the Nazi attack on Norway and occupation, Norwegians feel a visceral loyalty to Britain … despite Britain’s Altmark Affair which convinced Hitler he had to take Norway and then Britain’s bungled and abandoned 1940 rescue attempt. (I have a chess-like free print-and-play game 9Apr40: Norge angrepet! on my webpage, if you like history and chess.)

  4. Lou, can I have your web address for the print and play game, please? I’m at:

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