Norway and Greenland agree on fishing quota for 2021

Fishing boatPhoto: Thomas Millot / Unsplash

The Norwegian fishing and catch quotas in the areas around Greenland will be the same next year as this year. The same applies to the Greenlandic quotas in the Barents Sea.

“Norwegian fishermen make good use of the quotas off Greenland, and I am pleased that Norway and Greenland have agreed on a quota exchange agreement for 2021,” Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen (H) said.

Due to the corona pandemic, it was not possible to conduct normal negotiations.

Therefore, Greenland and Norway agreed to continue the quotas for all stocks at the same level as this year.

Research collaboration

The research collaboration between Norway and Greenland is also continued, especially for blue halibut, cod, redfish, and mackerel.

Greenland’s quota in the Barents Sea in 2021 is set at 4,000 tonnes of cod, 900 tonnes of haddock, and 450 tonnes of saithe. 

In addition, Greenland receives a quota of up to 250 tonnes of by-catch of other species. 

The Norwegian cod quota is 1,350 tonnes, and the halibut quota 30 tonnes.

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