Norway on military exercise in the Baltics

ArmyFighter jet.Photo:

Several thousand soldiers from Norway and other NATO countries have started the military exercise Saber Strike in the Baltics.

The exercise in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania started on 27 May, but is now about to be intensified until it ends on June 22. A total of 13 countries and around 6,000 soldiers are in full swing.
About 150 Norwegian soldiers are also in place, mainly from the Army’s 2nd Battalion. In addition, USA has brought along vehicles and heavy equipment from their pre inventories in Norway for use in the Baltic states in the next few days.
The aim is to test how quickly the equipment can be moved if one of the NATO countries should come under attack.
The exercise takes place in Russia’s neighborhood and takes place while several thousand troops from NATO and NATO partner countries are taking part in a military exercise in Poland. Both Russia and NATO have stepped up their military excercises significantly after the relationship froze in 2014.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today