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Norway climbing the list of least corrupt countries

Norwegian flag NorwayNorwegian flag


New Zealand and the Nordic region are performing well when Transparency International cites the least and most corrupt countries in the world. Norway is doing better than last year.


New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the world and gets 89 points on the index the organization presented Wednesday. Denmark is number two (88 points), while Finland, Norway, and Switzerland share the third place with 85 points each.

Norway was in sixth place last year and has climbed up on the ranking list.

At the bottom, in 180th place, is Somalia. Other countries that did not score as well as the others were South Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Libya – all war-torn countries.

“The index reflects that there is a connection between transparency and democracy,” points out Delia Ferreira Rubio, chairman of Transparency International (TI).

“There is more corruption where there is less respect for citizens’ rights and the judicial system,” she says.


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