Norway condemns terrorist attack in Manchester

Børge BrendeForeign Minister Børge Brende signed a condolences protocol and laid down flowers at the British Embassy in Oslo in connection with the terrorist attack in Manchester.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

‘Norway condemns the terrorist attack in Manchester in the strongest possible terms.

Our deepest sympathies go to those who have been affected and their families,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

A large number of people are reported to have been killed and injured in the terrorist attack on a concert arena in Manchester in the UK late on Monday evening.

‘Once again, the UK and Europe have been struck by terrorism. It is inconceivable that anyone could want to injure innocent children and young people, who had gone out to a concert to enjoy a nice evening.

It is the aim of terrorists to spread fear through cowardly acts such as this, but they must never be allowed to succeed.

It is important that those responsible are found and brought to justice,’ said Mr Brende.

Mr Brende stressed that Norway stands together with the UK in the fight against terrorism in Europe and globally.

‘Terrorist attacks are attacks on our common democratic values.

The attack in Manchester is a reminder of the responsibility all countries have to prevent terrorism.

We will continue to play our part in the common efforts to build societies where people meet each other with respect and a willingness to engage in dialogue – not contempt and violence,’ Mr Brende said.

He added that yesterday’s attack highlights the need to intensify the fight against violent extremism and strengthen cooperation on intelligence between allies.


Source: / Norway Today