More Swedish and Danish tourists in Norway

OsloOslo.Photo: Norway Today Media

The tourism industry is expecting to see a record number of Swedish and Danish tourists in Norway  this summer, despite a record number of tourists from these countries travelling to Norway both in 2014 and 2015.

Swedes and Danes more often than Norwegians choose to not travel very far from where they live during their holidays, and are especially fond of spending the holidays in their own countries. Now an increasing number of them are choosing to spend their holidays in Norway:
– The overall impression in the travel industry is that this is not an explosive trend, but more positive, gradual development that is partly due to the exchange rate. It’a a good chance that will we get another record summer,just like we did last year   Robert Whale Straumann, Trade Manager of Work tourism says.

Innovation Norway’s tourism barometer, an expert panel from Norwegian and foreign tourism industry, has rated this year’s summer season against last year. 61 per cent believe there will be more international travelers in Norway this year.

In addition to Germany, Sweden and Denmark are the two countries with the largest number of tourists who visit Norway. The number of overnight stays in Norway include those of people travelling on business,a number which was greatly reduced last year. Despite of this the number of night stops and lodgings of both Swedes and Danes incrased in 2015 due to increased tourism to Norway.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today