Norway escaped cheaply says IT leader of latest worldwide computer attack

Hacking, computer attackHacking.Photo: Thomas Winje Øijord / Scanpix

Norway escaped virtually skot free from the worldwide computer attack that hit around 120 countries on Friday

Norway escaped cheaply from the worldwide computer attack that hit around 120 countries on Friday. The National Security Authority recommended that people update their machines.

‘This was a big wave of attacks, there is little doubt about it. We have called in extra people. We had our regular team, but had to add to it on Saturday evening,’ said Håkon Bergsjø of the National Security Authority (NSM) to VG newspaper.

He heads the department for serious computer and data attacks called NorCERT. According to Bergsjø, it is mostly individual users and small businesses who are affected by such malicious computer attacks.

‘But when it comes to important social institutions like hospitals, it’s getting worse. That’s what has received attention now’, he said.

He pointed out that Norway was only to a limited extent affected by what was happening in other countries, partly due to the many new machines here, and partly due to coincidence.

According to the newspaperm, VG, around 170,000 computers worldwide have been affected by the attacks so far.

‘We can be proud of it as a nation,’ said Bergsjø, adding that this mass attack would not have occurred if Microsoft operating system updates had been performed promptly.

‘It has been my mantra for the last 24 hours, it helps to update the machine,’ he said, pointing out that there is now greater activity among criminals who are trying to hack into computers.

‘Then, as there are more making the attempt, there are also more who will succeed. So again, update the machine. If you have a backup, or are uploaded in a cloud, you can reinstall the machine, and then it will be fine’.

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