The number of elderly and immigrants in Norway increases


More residents in Norway in total, more elderly, more immigrants and more people lving in urban areas. These will be the trends in population growth the years ahead if the figures of Statistics Norway (SSB) are proven correct.

For their estimates that Norway passes around 6 million inhabitants in 2030 and 7 million by the year 2060, they assume a moderate development in both fertility, life expectancy and immigration in the years ahead.

The main reason for population growth is both a relatively high net immigration and that the number of people who   are born more is higher than the number of die. In the alternativet of high national growth  Norway exceeds 6 million in just ten years, and the strong growth continues throughout the period. This would be due to higher fertility, higher life expectancy, not to mention a significantly higher net migration than in the main alternative.

Population growth in 2014 was slightly lower than the SSB had estimated it would be, but the deviation from the main alternative was  only 1700. In 2015, the variance was nearly 10,000 lower than expected. This is partly because the number of births was lower than expected, and that the immigration decreased quite sharply.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today