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Norway given central role in research project on earthquake warnings



The EU gave the Norwegian research institute, NORSAR, a central role when an alert system for earthquakes is put in place.

The EU have asked NORSAR to lead the project.

20 partners from ten countries in Europe will collaborate on an earthquake alert system. The EU decided to launch the project after the powerful earthquake that shook Italy in 2016.

‘’This is very exciting. No country in the world today has a system good enough to certainly give advance warnings of earthquakes.

If we succeed, it will be completely unique and will be able to save many lives’’ said CEO Anne Strømmen Lycke of NORSAR in a press release.

The project, which has been given the abbreviation TURNkey, will collect data from, among other things, seismic observations and viewer alerts in a common system.

The project’s cost framework is eight million euros and is being rolled out on Thursday this week.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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