Norway gives NOK 90 million to get children back to school in South Sudan

South SudanPhoto: Bibiana Dahle Piene / NTB

The authorities and aid organizations in South Sudan are working to get students back to schools after the shutdown. Norway is supporting their work with NOK 90 million.

Previous shutdowns showed that children often do not return if schools are closed for a longer period of time.

Unicef ​​and the South Sudanese authorities are now working together to get as many people as possible back into education.

On Thursday, they signed a grant agreement with Norway.

“The support will help the country ensure that children can safely return to school in South Sudan. 

“It will also contribute to food for children and their mothers in flood-affected areas,” Norway’s ambassador to South Sudan, Siv Kaspersen, said in a press release from Unicef.

Schools closed in March

South Sudan closed schools in March. Some reopened in October, while others will be closed until April next year.

Sudan used to be one of the countries where the fewest children got adequate schooling. 

Close cooperation with parents and local communities is needed to get the children back to school.

“Too many children are already missing out on education. As a country, we can not afford more children to be left behind,” South Sudan’s Minister of Education Hon Awut Deng Acull said.

“In a year where children have borne the greatest consequences of corona restrictions, while support has dried up, the grant from Norway is more important than ever,” country representative at Unicef ​​in South Sudan Mohamed Ag Ayoya noted.

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